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Monday, February 10, 2014

To Pitch and Publish - Indie Author Publishing Conference - 2014

Hats off to Changing Hands Bookstore for  organizing another great conference for writers/publishers this year.  We are lucky in the Valley to have an independent bookstore that is so community oriented.  The Conference was hosted once again by the  Phoenix Burton Barr Central Library.

Evo Terra & Jeff Moriarty:  Demystifying the Ebook Process
The Indie Author Publishing Conference & Pitchapalooza  is a full day of education and networking.  Starting at 8:30 with check-in and coffee time and the energy level is always high.  The Keynote speaker this year was John Mutter, Self-Awareness editor-in-chief who shared his vision of the future of publishing and trends developing within that market.  Mr. Mutter talked briefly about Barnes and Nobel closing more stores than it is opening but he was quick to point out that the Publishing world is both expanding and contracting at the same time.  He mentioned the hybrid bookstore concept such as the Sepulveda Card Wash and Bookstore in the LA area.  The new  Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix  when it is completed can also be considered a hybrid with its inclusion of the First Draft wine and beer area in the bookstore.  Expansion seems to be mostly at the Indies level since sales are up for the Independent Bookstore and they are opening more branches. One thing he also said that would resonate with a writer is that: "easier to publish; harder to reach readers." 

Evo Terra and Jeff Moriarty did as MCs keeping things moving at a good pace.  Their workshop on Demystifying the Ebook Process  was also filled with lots of good tibits.  After attending their workshop you may want to download Scrivener if you don't already use it.

Pamela Slim:  Books As Business
Pamela Slim offered valuable insights in her presentation, Books As Business.  "Build things around your book" was her main message and she gave the attendees five ways to achieve this starting with understanding who your beloved reader is and creating a plan that can keep you focused and moving forward.

Grael Norton from Wheatmark Publishing presented After the Manuscript  to a fill room.  If you haven't tuned into his free webinars  you may want to do yourself a favor and sign up:  If you  are a member of the Phoenix Writers Club, I have  this link in the monthly newsletter.

The workshop on Crowdfunding  101 given by Safwat Saleem was very interesting and filled a void in my knowledge base since it is a trend that  I know almost nothing about.  If I have any applications for Kickstarter in the future I will not hesitate to do it.

It was a very enjoyable and informative day and ended with the high-energy of the Pitchapalooza.  If you didn't get a chance to go this year then make sure you go next year.  It's well worth the investment.

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