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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Phoenix Writers Club - September 2013 Meeting

"All life experiences can make a story".  That was the message from Wink Blair, President of Wink Inc, a public relations firm in Scottsdale, Az,  as she described, at the recent PWC meeting, the many adventures in her life that  guided her through various career choices.  She said more than once that  "all life experiences can make a story".

Speaking from years of experience as a publicist, freelance writer and community organizer Wink captivated the audience with stories from her past that were filled with historical data and well-known people such as Alex Haley.  We were all being entertained from fragments of her past.  There were stories from her days in Cuba and the little band of women friends known as the HAGS (Havana American Girls), the factory job in her home state of Louisiana, her writer friends and the Owl's Nest in the French Quarter, and later her movie assistant position with the first motion picture company to film in Louisiana.  But her story I enjoyed listening to the most was the one about her grandfather, the story that she tells in her recent book: Conversations With My Grandfather. 

This delightful speaker and dynamic personality still has plenty of books to write and places to go on her bucket list. Currently she is working on a story titled, Havana Heyday,   

Phoenix Writers Club is a group dedicated to the support and mentoring of writers.  The group meets monthly at the Bluewater Grill in Phoenix.


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