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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Phoenix Writers Club - January 2014 Meeting

 "Use invisible work to create visible work".  That was a phrase used more than once by Stella Pope  Duarte as she spoke to the Phoenix Writers Club about the connection between the dream world and reality.  A prophetic dream in which her father was instrumental in changing the course of her life, opened her heart to understanding the dream world and gave her the strength to act upon her internal voice.  The luncheon meeting room at the Bluewater Grill  was filled as guest  listened to Stella Pope Duarte's inspirational account of her own journey into the writer's world.

 Ms. Duarte's current novel, Writing through Revelations, Visions and Dreams: the memoir of a writer's soul, is a roadmap that reveals the necessity of listening to the voice within that is you. Understanding your own internal language will empower you and provided the necessary strength to achieve your own definition of success in life.  Her advise:  pay attention to the unseen world of dreams and visions because the greater part of who we are is not seen.  She cautions that while dream books may help in a general way that only you can interpret your dreams because the symbols are meant to trigger a certain memory or response within you.

An energetic speaker, Stella Pope Duarte engaged and entertained members and guest  as she shared  stories about her life and a few pages of her Dream journal.  She advises keeping  a dream journal by your bed and to give your dream a title that can aid as a trigger for accessing the meaning dream.

It was a fun meeting and a great way to start the New Year.



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